Cure for gallbladder stone

Cure for gallbladder stone in Islamic Medicine:

Gallbladder is the organ where the Safra or yellow bile gets stored.
Safra is a liquid which is made by liver and one of its duties is to absorb the fatness of the foods.
Sometimes some crystal stones might be created in gallbladder which is as small as sand. These stones can move and block the liver veins and they give pain, though the amount of pain is not related to the size of the stone but when they block the veins, it will be painful and makes the person feel like vomiting.

Reason of gallbladder stone:
High cholesterol and eating the foods full of fatness and free of fiber are the common reasons.
However having no activity and mobility, excess fatness, growing old and diabetes increase the chance of this issue.

How to cure it:
There are different ways to dissolve these stones without surgery. One of the most common remedies is the combination of olive oil+ fresh lemon. The acidity of lemon helps dissolving the stone and olive oil helps cleaning and pushing the stuff out of the gallbladder to get out through urination. So for that, before each meal mix and eat a table spoon of olive oil+ half table spoon of lemon juice.
However if the stone is big, it may need a surgery

Other good remedies:
1- Boiled date seeds: Add 2 cup of water to 20 pieces of date seeds and let them boil for 20 minutes and then drink that tea.
2- Un-salted tamarind: put 5 to 7 small bunch of tamarind in a cup of water and wait for a few minutes. Then remove the seeds and drink that juice. This is the most powerful medicine to reduce the heavy yellow bile.

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