About Us

Who are we?

Let us first clarify that we are NOT a business, E-commerce website or funded by any pharmaceutical companies. This website is created and managed by a student of Masters in Religious Studies who has also studied Islamic Medicine alongside his formal studies. He is also a member of The Hijamah Research Institute.

What is our mission?

The purpose of this website is to share valuable knowledge and experience from the best experts and doctors in Islamic and Traditional Medicine. Since we believe that Islamic Medicine is the only complete form of medicine, our goal is to help people know the correct diet and lifestyle habits. By this we mean habits such as the ones followed by our forefathers who used to live healthy lives for centuries simply by following Islamic and traditional lifestyles.

Problems with our diets began when certain superpowers decided to control the world’s population by changing people’s food, health and security.

When superpowers found how deep, strong and complete Islamic medicine is,  they took the science of this discipline to use for themselves and replaced it with their chemical medicines in order to make some mafia groups wealthier and gain control over the health of the world’s population. There is even a famous saying that sums this up accurately, “If you control the food supply, you control the people”.

Aids, Malaria, etc. are examples of man-made diseases engineered in labs in order to kill groups of people but unfortunately the harmful affects have passed beyond these labs. Please conduct independant research on this matter to fully understand the facts yourself.

Avecinna’s famous book ‘Qanoon’, which is a complete and comprehensive source of information on traditional medicine, is still being taught at universities in Europe.
Hijamah was a powerful key to successful health in muslim nations, but it was banned in Islamic countries by external powers, taken for themselves and renamed “cupping therapy”. The same was done with Leech Therapy and both treatments are now famous in Europe and western countries.

These are not stories, this is the history of what happened to this science and how we are gradually becoming influenced based on the lifestyle that is constantly being defined for us.

The solution for anyone who wants to take control of their health is to eat the foods that suit your temperament and also return to following a more organic lifestyle for the most part. A lifestyle in which the food is fresh, organic wherever possible, not Genetically Modified or laden with chemicals, preservatives etc. like many products that are being advertised as ‘food’ these days. Ensuring food is of this quality removes the possibility of experiencing side affects from it and instead allows us to benefit from its nourishing, therapeutic and even medicinal properties.

Another element to reclaiming control of our health is to work towards bringing back a lifestyle in which our ears can hear the therapeutic and nourishing sounds of nature rather than all the intrusive sounds and pollution that come with city living. A lifestyle in which most of us were once early birds and followed the ‘early to bed and early to rise’ routine. And finally, a lifestyle that sees us being more physically active again. Walking to the store down the road or the children’s school rather than driving the car. Preparing our foods by hand rather than buying ready-made foods or using the fastest machines to do so. As many spiritual schools of thought believe, there are important energies that can be transferred during food preparation. Buying ready-made foods or using machines removes the chance of us benefiting from these.

Once we realise that for every single chemical medicine (that is full of side effects) there is a natural alternative such as a herb, plant or fruit, we should make it our duty to move towards knowing these gifts of God. There are even countless natural medicines that have no equivalent in Modern medicine. A vision to ensure this invaluable information reaches people is what drives us to maintain www.tabeab.com

What is the source of our articles/advice?

Our knowledge and the information provided here is based on Islamic, traditional and herbal medicine books; home remedies from authentic medicine books and the experience of experts in this field.