All about Sawiq

Sawiq is a very rich food in Islamic medicine for which benefits there are plenty of Ahadith and narrations in Islamic sources. Imam Sadeq said: “Sawiq is a food descended from the heaven” or “sawiq is the food of Prophets, taught to Human through Jibrail” or “Sawiq grows meat in the body and strengthens the bones” etc

If you’re looking for a natural Cerelac for your children, sawiq has much more benefits and it’s natural. Sawiq prevents the disabilities caused during the pregnancy.
what is Sawiq?
sawiq is the roasted type of certain seeds or fruits such as wheat, barley, lentil, apple and rice which has a specific way to be made.

What is it good for?
There are 13 types of sawiq. Each sawiq has its own benefits but the most common one are wheat, barley, lentil, apple and rice.

Sawiq of wheat is used to strengthen the bones, to increase the milk in mothers, helps the slim people grow fat, increases the sexual performance, cures fatty blood and high pressure blood, a great replacement for Acid folic and iron tablet, etc

How to make wheat Sawiq?

To make that you need some whole wheat.
1- wash the wheat and let it dry in the sun
2- Blend the wheat and sift it to separate the skins
3- wheat flour separately and skins separately should be roasted in a pan WITH NO oil on a low heat.
4- when it turned golden or light brown color, it’s ready
5- now blend the skin again until in becomes like flour
6- mix your roasted wheat with the blended skins together

*Note: if you roast both wheat flour and its skin together, the skin will be burnt and the flour remains raw. so they should be roasted separately.

How to use it:
– You can use Sawiq in your milk, tea, your lunch, in the curry , etc
-You can eat 2 table spoons or more of this sawiq first thing in the morning
– For increasing the sexual performance, add 2 table spoon of sawiq to one table spoon of olive oil and eat it
– To give it to kids as cerelac, mix this sawiq to some sugar as Imam Reza said this method makes the children grow.
– Pregnant women can eat it before and during the pregnancy everyday to help their child grow healthy and to increase their milk.

Note: Men better not to mix the sawiq with sugar



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