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Note about shipping :

The parcels are measured by weight as below:

0-500 grams
500-1000 grams
1kg- 2kg

Therefore from 1gram to 500gr is same price
Then from 501gr to 1kg it is another rate
Then from 1kg to 2kg and above it will be per kg.
So if a box of Sawiq which is 230gr for example costs $7 to be shipped to Europe, if you add another Sawiq (2 sawiqs in total) you will still pay $7 there is no extra charge since it is still less than 500gr.
Same for other products. If your order is 1kg and 400gr, you still have 600gr more to add to your order since you are paying for 2kg now.

So some of people order one small item from the website and when the see the shipping is more than what they expect, they make note that Iran’s shipping regulations is according to what we mentioned above.