Go To The Gym Or Not?

Doing exercise in Islamic resources is something recommended and some are highly recommended such as archery, horse riding and swimming which are fun at the same time.

But the exercise we do in the gyms or body building, power lifting or fitting classes make no sense in Islamic teaching.

The actual Islamic daily exercise is what we see that the holy prophet and his progeny used to do and encourage others into them such as gardening and planting trees, farming, keeping and raising cattles and even basic house jobs like bread baking for women.

These activities are not only healthy exercise for our body but from spiritual and financial perspective they are beneficial as well.

It is very clear when they say: “Buying bread brings poverty” meaning that it is best to get your own wheat and then milling it and baking it in your oven is the preferred way.

In the life of Imam Ali and lady Fatima we can see that swiping the house was Imam’s job and wheat milling was lady Fatima’s, despite the difficulty of taking care of Hasanain, the two babies, still she was insisting to do the bread herself.


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