Lesson 2

As mentioned before, the arrangement of 4 elements of Air, Fire, Water and Soil cannot be changed. Basically warmer the creation, higher it goes. So Fire in this category is higher than soil. Maybe that’s the reason why Iblis claimed that he is higher than Human, since he is from fire and Human is from clay.

These natural elements are very important in all aspects of our life and architects should consider them. For example in a region with cold and humid climate like many cities in Europe or other parts of the world they should use wood in the structure of their doors and walls to absorb the humidity and since this humidity increases at nights, the house must face towards the East so that as soon as sun rises, the humidity decreases.

If it doesn’t face the east, people above 40 years old in that house may suffer from severe pain in their legs or if instead of wood they use plaster in their structure, since it’s a cold temperament material, people will be suffering from Rheumatism and other problems.

Air is another element in the nature which if gets close to heat, it becomes warm and wet and if gets close to the water and coolness, it becomes cool and wet. But it can’t be out of humidity as if its humidity reaches to zero, it’ll catch fire. Like what happens in some jungles that they catch fire because of the heat.

In people with excess Blood which is equivalent of Air, same thing happens. Their decision and moods changes easily. They can make an important decision and next minute they change their mind.

Water is the other element in the nature unlike the fire which moves up, it moves down. The only thing which can make the water move up is fire when it boils the water.

If we consider that attitude in Human being, going up as getting angry or super happy, and going down as depression and sadness, we can find the cure of some diseases. People with excess phlegm especially women when getting sad they start saying negative sentences such as death, divorce, hatred, etc in this case something like saffron tea immediately removes the excess phlegm from the head and he/she will be ok. Saffron has a warm and dry temperament.

M.S is among the diseases which cause is excess coldness. To avoid excess coldness, the warm type of food should be eaten and warm type of smell like rose should be smelled.

Or opposite, those with excess yellow bile which is equivalent of Fire and they can lose their temper easily, they will be moderated by using something cold and wet like water. Watermelon for example will help their issue as it’s a cold and wet type of food.

Another fact about water is that when water is frozen, it will increase in size and will take more space. Same in human, when the coldness increased, they become fat. So the fatness is because of excess cold and wetness. If fat people take warm type of foods, it will melt their fatness the same way when heat melts the ice. Depressions and fatness of after delivery in women is because of the medications they take during delivery or those who were unconscious during delivery can have more depression if they don’t take warm type of foods. So these depression and fatness as well will be cured by taking warm type of foods and avoiding cold type of foods.

To be continued…
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