Lesson 3

In the last 2 lessons we explained that universe is based on 4 elements, Fire, Air, Water and Soil. And we said each of these have its own nature, features and abilities.

Human as well is a smaller version of universe, based on these elements: Yellow bile (=Safra like fire), Blood (=Dam like air), Phlegm (=Blagham like water) and Black bile (=Sauda like soil).

The duty of Yellow bile in the body is to make the blood warm and light enough to move to all corners of the body via capillary veins. That’s why when you see people having cold feet and hands the amount of safra in their blood is less than normal. So body’s heat is because of safra.

Another part is the blood itself, its duty is to make muscles and meats in the body. Those men with Dam temperament have big physiques usually.

The duty of Balgham is to make the fats, veins, nerves, brain and such organs. So most of those who are fat as the nature of fatness is cold and wet, if they use warm type of foods, their fats would be melted.

The last part of blood is sauda which makes the bones and joints in the body. Excess sauda saves in spleen. All these 4 elements make our blood which we will explain later.

Now the question is: is the universe based on only these 4 elements?
Here is where Islamic medicine differs from all traditional and herbal medicines. Islamic medicine considers another element in the universe which is more important that those 4.

And that is soul which is such powerful that it can change the nature of anything. It can make a fire to be cool; when Prophet Ibrahim was thrown into the fire, it didn’t burn him. So the fifth element can change the essence of things in the universe.
Here is where you can understand how a prayer can change many things, how some people in India do incredible things like chopping somebody’s body and rejoining together or some Muslims can walk on the fire in Ashura day, or some Chinese can do strange things, all is the power of soul which can affect and change the things in the universe. Even in new science and metaphysics they are trying to explain these in the form of energy and experts are able to find out where there are more energy and where there is less.

To be continued…
Lessons by: Prof. Hakim Kheir Andish

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