Beef tallow



?Beef Tallow ? A Natural and prefered cooking oil

✳️The holy prophet (p.b.u.h.) said: “Cow’s milk is food, its meat is sickness and its oil is medicine”.

Beef tallow does not clog blood veins but instead actually helps to unblock clots in the veins.

Benefits of consuming beef tallow ?????
?It is packed with energy
?It removes toxins from the body
?It boosts the immune system
?It helps in bone and muscle growth
? It melts excess fat

? People above the age of 50 are better off avoiding this fat.

?? Note:
Beef tallow is the fat that sticks around the kidneys of a cow.
To make it yourself you would just need to get this fat and mix it with 1/5 of the fat within the stomach of the cow then allow them to boil on a low flame for several hours. (You would need about 80% of kidney fat to 20% of stomach fat. No water is required.)

Additional information

Weight 350 g