100% Natural Sheep’s Wool Felt Rug


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Our rugs are made from 100% genuine sheep‌’s wool, which is ethically sourced from all around Iran. No animals are harmed during the wool extraction process. These beautiful felt rugs are handwoven with a traditional design and they are comfortable to sit on.

Great health boosting benefits gained from contact with natural sheep’s wool :
?Removes coldness from the body and reproductive organs
?Relieves aches and pains
?Improves sleep quality
?Boosts circulation
?Repels bacteria

And more

Most people have a habit of using slippers made of synthetic materials at home. When the feet do not have regular contact with natural materials this can cause health complaints in the legs and abdominal areas. This is because toxins cannot be released into artificial materials whereas carpets made from natural ingredients encourage body detoxification. All you need to do to enjoy all the mentioned benefits is to sit on the rug – that’s it!

Please note:
As this is a 100% natural product, you may notice a slight ‘sheepy’ smell when very close to the rug, This usually fades with time.

To promote this product we are currently offering it at a very low price for a short time only.

Different stages of preparing sheep felt:

قیمت نمد طبیعی با خواص درمانی
نمد مالی
جام نیوز :: JamNews - تاریخچه نمد مالی

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