Imam Jawad Hirz with silver container



In Islamic teachings Hirz is considered a protection against evil and Jinns.

There are many different ones which have different effects but the most famous and useful one is the Hirz which has been narrated from Imam Al-Jawad.
There are different conditions for preparation of this hirz. The person who writes it, the type of paper they use (should be Gazal’s skin), the container it must be kept in, the type of pen and ink it should be used and more.
The reason we offer it for $30 is mostly the cost of skin and the silver container.
Note that before finishing your order make sure to mention the person’s name (who wants to own the Hirz) and the name of their mother in “Orders notes” in checkout page so that we include it in the their Hirz.

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Weight 15 g


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