Saint Mary Insence




Note: The package includes 3 separate packets of incense.

Incense of Saint Mary (bokhoor Hazrate Mariam (s.a.):

Bokhoor of Lady Mariam or incense of Saint Mary is one of the miracles and famous medicines in Islamic medicine. According to research, it used to be common in European countries (Rome and Greece) since it belongs to lady Mariam.

According to Hadith quoted from Imam Baqir (a.s.) in Al-Kafi this medicine is prescribed for a lady and Imam says that it is useful for all the diseases caused by Jinns (devil and Satan).

Bokhoor Hazrate Mariam is used for issues such as madness, leprosy, Downs syndrome, autism, severe depression, Sihr, sometimes M.S, some types of cancers, severe migraine, etc.

Ayatullah Tabrizian: The signs of being touched by Jinns are when someone feels suffocated while they’re sleeping or they have nightmares and they wake up in shock and panic or they see or hear jinns. These are all caused by Jinns but people avoid talking about them because others may not believe them.

✅ There are some Duas by Imam Ali (a.s) that should be recited while burning the the bokhoor. These duas are provided on the leaflet within the bokhoor packaging.

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