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‍ ‍ ? Islamic Medicine Treatments:

One of the most important and beneficial remedies in Islamic Medicine is Jame of Imam Al-Reza (a.s.) or Morakkab #5.

? Imam Al-Jawad (a.s.) says to a companion, “Why don’t you benefit yourself from the Jame’ medicine of my father that is famous among the Shias?”

? Imam Hassan Al-Askari (a.s.) said, “Use Jame’ medicine as indeed it is the medicine of Reza (a.s.).” (? Ibna Bastaam, page 70).

✅ This medicine is made of saffron, white pepper, cardamom, etc. mixed with honey and cook it.

??The dosage is one pinch or pill per day.
?? It is usually taken with something else for maximum effect.

?Here are some combinations that can be used with Jame:

? Jame + Saffron water = diaphragm and internal inflammations
? Jame + apple juice = cure for fever
? Jame + quince juice = heart improvement
?Jame + carrot juice = vision improvement
?Jame + grape juice = cure for depression and anemia
?Jame + Sadab (Rue plant) = cure for kidney stones
?Jame + water of boiled Daikon = cure for kidney stones
?Jame + Senna leaves= gallbladder stone
? Jame + water of boiled cumin = tummy ache, pain on the ride side of the tummy and palpitations / irregular heart beat
?Jame + water of boiled cumin = tummy ache (right side)
?Jame + water of boiled celery = tummy ache (left side)
?Jame + water of boiled Marjoram = one drop in the nose every night ?? cure for all neurological issues like epilepsy, Parkinson’s, M.S., madness, etc.)
?Jame + honey and water = cure for cold and flu
?Jame + honey and water = cure for all internal infections
?Jame + honey = applied on the wound to be healed
? Jame + boiled water = cure for TB (3 days , before sleeping)
? Jame + water and honey = vaginal infections (insert into vagina
? Jame + water and honey = cure for colitis, intestine infections and bleeding (insert into anus)
? Jame + water of boiled Zucchini = cure for hyperactivity, low intellectual ability and it improves the face skin
? Jame + water of boiled broad bean = cure for osteoporosis
? Jame + fig juice = hair growth, hair thickness, bad breath, clots in the veins, colic, gout
? Jame + onion juice = improving the nervous system/ body disinfection
? Jame + water of boiled 2 spoons of chicory or Kaasni = bladder infections
? Jame + water of boiled chickpeas = cure for backache and spinal disk issues.

? It is highly recommended for people to ensure this valuable remedy is always kept in the home.


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