Natural Sea Salt


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Salt is a handy spice used in our daily life, which is beside being a a spice it is a strong medicine as well.

In Islamic and traditional medicine it’s highly recommended to start and end our foods with salt which basically makes the tummy warm and helps for a better digestion.

as well it is used for external uses as well where we want to disinfect a wound or an injury we mix salt and honey as a remedy.

beside all the benefits it is mentioned about salt, we should note that the salt which is natural and not iodized is what we should consume. western medicine believes that excess salt causes high blood pressure. That’s true is they use iodized salt, while natural salt doesn’t have such side effect.

For diseases such as Vitiligo, thyroid, etc the wrong salt is the first causes and therefore it should be changed to sea salt.
Natural salt is an important source of Vitamin D.


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