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To promote healthy products we offer people rock salts for free.

Salt is an important spice used in our daily lives. It is used all across the world, yet what most people do not realise is that aside from being used to flavour foods, salt also contains powerful medicinal properties.

In Islamic and traditional medicine it is highly recommended to start and end our meals with salt. This is because salt warms and prepares the stomach, which allows for better digestion.

Salt is also used successfully for external purposes. For example, salt mixed with honey makes an excellent remedy to disinfect and heal wounds.

It is essential to note that the salt we are referring to is rock salt or sea salt as opposed to table salt or iodized salt. The latter mentioned forms are actually very harmful to the body because they are denatured and no longer contain the minerals etc. that rock salt and sea salt contain. Conventional medicine believes that excess salt causes high blood pressure. This is true for table and iodized salts, whilst natural salt actually remedies issues such as blood pressure because minerals and other nutrients it contains play a vital role in calming and balancing the body.

The primary cause of diseases such as Vitiligo, thyroid imbalances, etc. is consumption of the wrong salt. Therefore, a vital part of the remedy is to introduce natural salt back into the diet.

(Note: Foods in general should always be taken in reasonable quantities).

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