Noorah (Natural hair removal powder)


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Nooreh is a natural hair removal powder which is well known in traditional and Islamic medicine books and it’s called as “White gold”.
It is something more than a hair removal powder. In women it is a protection for fungal and infecting diseases in their private parts.If applied under armpits it will be a protection against breast cancers, it basically removes the toxins from the body through the skin.There are so many Ahadith and narrations quoted from Ahlul Bayt (a.s) advising to use that regularly and even there are specific duas while applying the noorah.

Imam Sadeq (a.s) said: shaving is better than waxing and applying noorah is better than shaving. 1

In another hadith he says: use Nooreh each 15 days. If 20 days passed and you didn’t have money to buy Nooreh, borrow money to get Nooreh, Allah will pay you back. 2

Imam Ali (a.s) said: Nooreh is cleanness and refreshment.3

Medically, Nooreh not only removes the hair of armpit and private parts but also removes the toxins from the body.
Applying Nooreh on armpits increases the vision and strengthens the shoulders and in women prevents the breast cancer.
Applying it on private parts prevents the kidney and bladder cancer and diseases.

Imam Kadhim says: long hair on the body parts reduces the fertility in men and causes laziness and removing them helps the kidneys and strengthens the body. 4

In another source it’s narrated that imam Sadeq (a.s) says: the poverty gets far from the one who applies Nooreh and applies Hinna on all his/her body after that. 5

Imam Reza (a.s) also explains the benefits of using nooreh in his book Risala zahabia and says that 12 hours before applying noorah avoid intercourse and pour cool water on the areas you want to apply noorah.
It’s also recommended to avoid applying noorah on Wednesdays. 6

So I think it’s enough talking about the benefits of using noorah as we are highly recommended to use that at least each 15 days.

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