Some Common Diet & Lifestyle Misconceptions

1- Drinking more water is good for the kidneys and body:
Excess water is always recommended to be avoided since excess water makes the kidneys and other organs next to it weak such as the bladder, uterus, prostate, intestines, pancreas, etc.
Solution: if you don’t feel thirsty, do not drink any water. If you feel thirsty due to spicy foods, drink a sip just to quench your thirst. If you want more water make sure you add honey and fresh lemon into your water to avoid any side effects.

2- Having salt increases blood pressure:
Iodized salt increases blood pressure while natural sea salt is the cure for blood pressure!

3- Brushing the teeth protects them:
Well as far as we see, those who brush more and use more toothpastes, they are more vulnerable to tooth issues and they are those who often have appointments for the dentists. Using Miswak wood instead of chemical toothpastes and plastic tooth brushes not only cleans and protects the teeth but also strengthens the gums naturally.

4- Being a vegetarian helps you live longer and healthier!
Having red meat is not prohibited in any religion and in Islam it is highly recommended to have it (a maximum of 3 times per week and a minimum of once in 40 days).

5- Soybeans can be as beneficial as red meat!
Considering that most soyabean products are GMO (both seeds and harvested product) and it is not proven scientifically there’s no such information regarding soya being a replacement for red meat!

6- Black tea prevents cancer!
Black tea is a useful herb for farmers to keep insects and animals away from their farm!
In the long term drinking black tea causes anemia, constipation, acidity, etc. We highly recommend everyone to read the history behind black tea and how it came to be mass produced
If you love your black tea, gradually make it lighter and milder using cinnamon, cardamom and / or rose flower to reduce its side effects. You can also add a few drops of fresh lemon if you like.
According to research, drinking hot drinks such as tea or coffee or anything else above 70 degrees increases the chances of getting stomach and throat cancers. So to conclude, be patient and let your tea be as warn as other people drink it (because your digestion sensation can be changed by drinking hot drinks for long term and therefore you won’t find a Hot drink hot!)


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