Welcome to your Temperament test

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Your weight in kg
Your Height in CM
Country of residence
Blood Group
What is the climate generally like where you live?
How is your physique?
Are you overweight?
Are your face and cheeks skinny or fat?
Describe the texture of your body hair? (e.g private parts, armpits, chest in men, etc)
Describe the texture of your hair?
Your favorite/common food
How fast does your hair grow?
How many hours do you sleep everyday?
Despite sleeping enough at night, do you still feel sleepy during the day?
Does it take time for you to get into a deep sleep and when you sleep do you wake up easily with a noise?
Do you wake up at night to urinate?
How much do you tend to sweat?

Do you enjoy the warmth of the summer or the coldness of the winter?
How many layers of clothing do you tend to wear?
What is your normal body temperature?
How do you consider your behavior in a gathering?

Are you a talkative person?

What is your behavior generally like?
When getting angry, how soon do you calm down?
Do you think you forget things and/or cannot remember things well?
In your daily activities how fast you get tired in comparison to your friends?
When you intend to carry out a task, do you usually finish it?
Do you mostly prefer sweet tasting foods (e.g dates, banana, grapes, honey, etc) or sour / salty tasting ones (e.g cucumber, yoghurt, orange, etc) ?
Are you allergic to spicy and excess sweet type of foods (e.g. dates, banana, ginger, honey, etc) and do you get pimples or/and rashes after consuming them?
At the moment do you have pimples and/or heat rash on your skin?

What sort of appetite do you have?
How many times do you get thirsty you drink water in a day?
Do you sometimes feel heaviness in your head?
Do you usually feel exhausted and out of energy?

What taste do you feel in your mouth when you wake up in the morning?
Do you normally see a yellowish layer on your tongue?

How many times do you defecate in a day?
Do you usually feel lonely, like not talking to anybody and/or feel like crying?
Do you generally have cold hands and feet?
Is your skin soft or rough?
Do you usually feel acidity in your tummy?

Do you drool whilst sleeping?
Do you usually have backache and/or pain in the neck and/or mucus in your chest?

Is your face yellowish?

When walking do you feel dyspnea or difficult to breath?

Do you usually add excess salt to your food?

While doing your activities, do you get cool sweat?

Do you have red cheeks?

Tell us more about your symptoms
Explain if you take specific medication or suffer from any diseases